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About Rumba Attack


Rumba Attack is a Cyprus-based music group consisting of Constantinos Lyras and Memnon Arestis on guitars, and Savvas Thoma on cajon / percussion.

The trio performs original instrumental material, as well as select covers, in their distinctive Flamenco-Rumba style, blended with sounds from Middle Eastern origins, Rock and Bossanova.

During their live shows they regularly feature guests including vocals, lyra, trumpet, flute, saxophone and various percussion, and have also collaborated with local dance schools.

Performances include Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, 100 Guitars Concert, Cyprus World Music & Jazz Showcase, Fengaros Festival, TedXLimassol, Rialto Ethnic Music Festival, Limassol Acoustic Festival, Afro Banana Festival, Windcraft Festival and Pafos Ethnic Music Festival.

Constantinos Lyras (Guitar)


Constantinos Lyras was born in 1984 in Nicosia, Cyprus. He started music and guitar lessons at the age of 11 at “Sychrono Odeio Kiprou” in Nicosia, with guitar teacher Antonis Koizas.

In 2000, he participated in the International guitar competition “Guitar Festival Cyprus” and won the first prize as the “Best Cypriot Participation”.

In June 2002, he made his first solo recital, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, for passing the “Performer’s Certificate” in classical guitar from the Trinity College of Music with Distinction.

At age 19, he began his music studies at the Conservatoire of Szeged in Hungary with the guitar teacher and composer David Pavlovits.

In 2005, he continued his studies at “Wolverhampton University” in the United Kingdom and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts (BA Honours) in Music.

In 2007, he continued his studies at the “Conservatoire of Birmingham” (Part of Birmingham City University) in the United Kingdom and graduated in 2008 with a Postgraduate Certificate in Music and then in 2010 with a Master Degree in Music and Performance (MMus).

Constantinos Lyras is a Rockschool degree graduate in electric guitar and bass as well as a RGT (registry of guitar tutors) graduate in acoustic guitar. He also holds a music technology certificate under Birmingham City University.

During his studies, he had the chance to meet and attend lessons with famous guitarists including: Steve Vai, John Williams, Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Evangelos Asimakopoulos, Al Di Meola, Herman Li (Dragonforce), Philippe Villa, Gary Ryan (Royal College of Music, London), Stu Hamm, T.M. Stevens, Christopher Stell (Edenstell Duet), Xuefei Yang, David Leisner, Antonio Luis Lopez, Steve Smith (Ibanez, UK), Martin Taylor, Michel Sadanowsky and others.

The last years, he has given concerts as a soloist and with various ensembles in the electric, flamenco and classical guitar in Cyprus, England, Hungary, Spain and Greece. He had also made several appearances on radio and television.

Constantinos is a guitar teacher and gave classical guitar, acoustic guitar, flamenco guitar and electric guitar lessons in Nicosia, Cyprus and the UK at music schools, such as: Yamaha music Schools, Progress Music Academy and Litchfield Cathedral School.

Since early 2012, Constantinos has settled in Cyprus where his music school is based. At his music school (based in Srovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus) he is teaching music and offers guitar lessons for all ages and abilities.

Memnon Arestis (Guitar)


Memnon Arestis was born in 1985. His first contact with the guitar was at the age of 13 when he received classical guitar lessons up to the age of 15. Subsequently, he began experimenting with acoustic and electric guitars, mostly on a self taught level.

He received a Bachelors (BA) and a Masters (MSc) degree in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University.  During his masters’ studies, he began to practice electric, acoustic and nylon string guitar on an extensive level. The following year, he obtained a Grade 8 in electric guitar performance (RGT) with distinction. At the same time, he was performing with several bands in Nottingham, UK (The Seven Seals Band, Ngoma, Unique World).

Upon his return to Cyprus in 2011, he received lessons from Yiannos Savvides, focusing on jazz harmonization, and lead electric guitar, and begun studying flamenco guitar techniques with Constantinos Lyras. Throughout that time, he has been a member of several bands (Sandy Brour, Sometake, Freeriders etc) and has performed in a variety of music festivals (Feggaros, Avant Garde, Windcraft, Artos Moving Silence, Horko). He composed and performed music for educational interactive theater plays aiming for children (Η Μαγική Αυλή).

Savvas Thoma (Vocals, Cajon & Percussion)


Born in Larnaca in 1987, Savvas Thoma has been the percussionist of Rumba Attack since its formation in 2013.

Savvas began lessons in Latin percussion with Lefteris Moshovias in 2006 and became a member of the ethnic music group ‘Tat-Τnabar’, with whom he took part in various theatrical performances such as Bertlolt Brecht’s ‘Ubu Roi’, and ‘Zoo’, based on George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, which won the award for best musical theatre in 2007 from the Cyprus Theatre Organisation, in collaboration with Paravan Productions.

Together with Tat-Τnabar, Savvas also played at events such as the ‘Moving Silence Festival’ by the Artos Foundation, the Cyprus Film Festival at Rialtho Theatre and the 9th Jazz Festival in Pomos.

In 2010 he took courses in bendir from the Greek percussionist Thoma Kostoulla.

Savvas has also contributed to the contemporary dance lessons of the ‘Maria Kamberis Dance Studio’, which collaborated with the children’s’ music-theatre productions ‘To Skaw’ and ‘Magiki Avli’.